Robust Estimation for Generalized Additive Models

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 23(1), 270–289
R. K. W. Wong, F. Yao and T. C. M. Lee


This article studies $M$-type estimators for fitting robust generalized additive models in the presence of anomalous data. A new theoretical construct is developed to connect the costly $M$-type estimation with least-squares type calculations. Its asymptotic properties are studied and used to motivate a computational algorithm. The main idea is to decompose the overall $M$-type estimation problem into a sequence of well-studied conventional additive model fittings. The resulting algorithm is fast and stable, can be paired with different nonparametric smoothers, and can also be applied to cases with multiple covariates. As another contribution of this article, automatic methods for smoothing parameter selection are proposed. These methods are designed to be resistant to outliers. The empirical performance of the proposed methodology is illustrated via both simulation experiments and real data analysis. Supplementary materials are available online.